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Re: when is next release of setup.exe

On Sun, 2003-03-09 at 22:12, Max Bowsher wrote:
> linda w (cyg) wrote:
> > I tried it with eliminating the argument...seems to run...
> > Now I'm worried...why'd it work?....cause I happen to have all
> > the right libraries in place and a generic new-user wouldn't
> > have them?....
> No, because that option, in this specific case, is a no-op.

Ermm, it's not.

> --disable-shared is a directive to libtool.
> bz2lib and zlib don't use libtool.


> libgetopt++ does use libtool, but doesn't use the -no-undefined option, so
> libtool doesn't build shared on Windows anyway.

For quite some time, .dll's built with libtool on cygwin without
-no-undefined. It's been reintroduced (and I think thats a mistake, but
that's another story - I've not had time to research the interactions

libgetopt++ *definately* operates as a .dll, and when I get around to
adjusting it to current libtool behaviour the --disable-shared will be

Thus skipping it would be a bad habit to get into.

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