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Re: /etc/setup/setup.cfg ?

linda w (cyg) wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: cygwin-apps-owner at cygwin dot com
>> [mailto:cygwin-apps-owner at cygwin dot com] On Behalf Of Max Bowsher
>> Sent: Sun, Mar 09, 2003 8:43a
>> To: John Morrison; cygwin-apps at cygwin dot com
>> Subject: Re: /etc/setup/setup.cfg ?
>> John Morrison wrote:
>>> BTW, apart from colours, what would you store?  Whether the users
>>> been asked if they want shortcuts?
>> Yes, that is a prime example.
>> Also, allowing the user to set persistent defaults:
>> * Disable antivirus
>> * Install Type
>> * Proxy settings
> ---
> Yup...all of the above.  Also if you just download to a local
> dir, it'd be nice to allow option to then install from local dir
> w/o restarting program.

We already have that - its called "Install from Internet" :-)
Perhaps we need to clarify that radio button.

> Since the setup information is first done before a root is
> created, is there any reason why to not store such values in the
> registry?  If one needs multi-OS compatibility (as in non-win OS),
> would could have a virtual 'readval'/'writeval' that on Win is
> compiled to registry reads/writes and on other platforms does
> file i/o.  Just an idea...

A good question, but: One day, cygwin may not use the registry at all.
It's easier to backup a file. When I reinstall Windows, I don't reinstall
Cygwin, I just reload the mount table. I'd rather not have another piece of
registry to deal with.


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