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Fixed patch for

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Cygwin (Robert Collins) wrote:

> > * Pavel's "Do not uninstall if upgrade package fails md5" patch
> >
> Pavel,
> This patch was missing IDS_CRC_ERROR definitions, even though it used
> it.
> Tsk!
> I've applied it anyway by reusing IDS_CORRUPT_PACKAGE, but, please,
> don't do this to me.

Bad, bad Pavel.

IDS_CRC_ERROR was meant to be replaced by IDS_SKIP_PACKAGE, but for some 
reason I've failed to fix it before generating the patch.

> You'll need to submit a patch to add and use IDS_CRC_ERROR with whatever
> text you intended.

See attached.

There was a small bug in the previous patch. A fix is also included.

Changelog entry:

2003-03-09  Pavel Tsekov  <ptsekov at gmx dot net>

	* (do_install_thread): Use IDS_SKIP_PACKAGE 
	instead of IDS_CORRUPT_PACKAGE when asking the user to take
	action if the hash verification check fails for a source package.
	Do not increase the value of 'total_bytes' variable if the
	user chooses to skip over a package, which failed the hash

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