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Re: /etc/setup/setup.cfg ?

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > There have been bits of persistent state that people wanted to store
> > for setup.  I'm proposing an Xdefaults-style setup.cfg in /etc/setup.
> > If we compile a list of things to go in there, I could write a parser
> > for it (I don't think it merits yacc, like the one for setup.ini :-D).
> Ok, but we need to decide: Is this going to be user-edited, or setup-edited?
> I.e., there is no point in allowing comments, if they get removed every time
> setup re-writes the file.

It doesn't seem hard to have setup remember the order of options in the
config file (which would also allow it to remember user comments), so that
when we write out the options, we can keep the order.

> Also, what do we do about multi-valued items - e.g. which mirrors are
> selected. (Or do we just continue with the legacy storage for
> last-mirror/last-cache/timestamp?)

Multi-valued items can be stored in a variety of formats, for example
space-separated with quoted items (quotes can be optional).  My guess is
that this config file should subsume last-mirror, etc...
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