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Re: Pending setup patches (issue 6)

On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 02:16, Max Bowsher wrote:
> Patches held to allow feedback:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> * Remove autotool-generated files from CVS
> Will happen on Thurs 13th March if no objections received by then.

I'll do this one (assuming no objections)... gives me some satisfaction
to blow dem files away.

> Patches queued for review:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> * Add foreign to AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS (both setup and libgetopt++)

Approved - please do so for HEAD.

> * Igor's postinstall logging
> Thread start:
> Take2 Patch:
> Needs review of Take2 patch.
> * Update included zlib to 1.1.4

BTW: you may find that I manually merged in the 1.1.4 bugfixes. I don't
recall however :}.

> Patches being worked on:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> * Gary's big chooser patch
> Updated patch in the works.

This is low-priority (not needed for release).

> * Igor's postinstall ordering patch
> Implementation discussion.


> * Max's Preliminary colour-coding patch
> Needs a key/legend plus design fixes. (Working on it)


Patches solicited for:
 * Remove *empty* directories on uninstalls. (done?)
 * Correctly overwrite -r--r--r-- files. (done?)
 * Going back, changing the local cache dir, and going forward again
does not
   correctly reparse inis in the new dir.
   Reproduction: Choose an incorrect cache dir, go back, correct it.
   Chooser shows all packages in Misc.
 * "compress_bz::error called" appears in the log every time a package
   installed, even if everything works.

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