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RE: Pending setup patches (issue 10)

On Sun, 2003-03-16 at 00:18, John Morrison wrote:

> > Still, I strongly favour reliability over speed in this case.
> It takes longer than that over a network :(

How much longer?

> Which is how cygwin is installed at work.  Don't get me wrong, md5sum
> is something which needs doing, just (IMHO) not necessary *each* time
> the file is accessed.  On download would be fine for me :)

Well, on download is done automatically. But what if you copy the files
around and one gets truncated or corrupted? So, we check before we
extract as a minimum.

Seriously though: How often do you install from local directory? It
should *only* be used when there is no network connection available.

i.e. PC's behind *really* strict firewalls, networkless installs & when
one wants to install a historical package that isn't in a .ini file are
the only times to choose 'install from local directory'.

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