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Re: Pending setup patches (issue 10)

Robert Collins wrote:
> Well, on download is done automatically. But what if you copy the
> files around and one gets truncated or corrupted? So, we check before
> we extract as a minimum.

Overly cautious? Has there ever been a bug report related to corrupt
A simple size check would detect truncation.

> Seriously though: How often do you install from local directory?


> It should *only* be used when there is no network connection available.

> i.e. PC's behind *really* strict firewalls, networkless installs &
> when one wants to install a historical package that isn't in a .ini
> file are the only times to choose 'install from local directory'.

Or, when using alternative techniques to download, in order to gain
scriptable control over what is downloaded.

I use a shell script to wget setup.bz2, unpack it, compare its timestamp
with my current setup.ini, and tell me whether it has been updated. Then I
use Michael Chase's (with local modifications) to produce a
list of URLs to feed to wget. Then again to file them into
the correct places in the directory structure.

This makes it easy to maintain a complete set of Cygwin packages _excluding
[prev]_, with an exclusion list by package name, if so desired.


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