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RE: Pending setup patches (issue 10)

> From: Robert Collins 
> On Sun, 2003-03-16 at 00:18, John Morrison wrote:
> > > Still, I strongly favour reliability over speed in this case.
> > 
> > It takes longer than that over a network :(
> How much longer?

Sorry, couldn't tell you atm (am not at work).  But enough that
several folks thought it had crashed.

> > Which is how cygwin is installed at work.  Don't get me wrong, md5sum
> > is something which needs doing, just (IMHO) not necessary *each* time
> > the file is accessed.  On download would be fine for me :)
> Well, on download is done automatically. But what if you copy the files
> around and one gets truncated or corrupted? So, we check before we
> extract as a minimum.
> Seriously though: How often do you install from local directory? It
> should *only* be used when there is no network connection available.
> i.e. PC's behind *really* strict firewalls, networkless installs & when
> one wants to install a historical package that isn't in a .ini file are
> the only times to choose 'install from local directory'.

Unfortunatly, we are behind a *really* *really* strict firewall.  It
also is a validating (ie displays "I've downloaded xxx of yyy" messages)
firewall for html with virusscan (which blows up over .tar.bz2 files).

I've got 'direct' access to the internet (don't get the messages) along
with ftp access (most folks don't), so I do an internet download and
everyone else does a local install from a network share on my machine.

Is there a better way 'round this?


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