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Re: String and std::string

On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 01:44, Max Bowsher wrote:
> I've been toying with some ideas for UserSetting persistence in setup.conf,
> and have run into the following issue:
> String, from String++.* lacks some functionality I need. std::string has the
> necessary functionality.
> Is one of String and std::string deprecated as far as setup is concerned?
> Are there any features String has but std::string does not?
> Should I add the needed functionality to String, or convert all relevant
> parts of setup away from String, to std::string?

libgetopt++ has deprecated String++.h, but still has it IIRC for
setup.exe compatability.

std::string is good, but what we need is a Facade that allows resource
loading (see Gary's string class too).

I don't care whether you use std::string, or String++ for any new code,
as long as:
1) You don't leak memory (std::string will leak if you use c_str())
2) You interoperate well with String++.

I'm not interested in replacing String++ for the sake of replacing
String++. If it's an impediment to you in a given area, then change that
one area. 

Creating complementary constructors and assignment operators will help
you there.

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