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RE: setup.exe man page

> I'm thinking of writing a man page for setup.exe explaining the
> basics of how it works and that it is currently the preferred
> way of installing/updating packages and documenting any command-line
> options. Does the current have any?
> I see several in CVS, but they are spread out in several files and
> many checkins, is there any way to have it spit out a list?

It would be good if this could be done in such a way that it could be hooked
into the regular Windows help systems, i.e. WinHelp and/or HTMLHelp.  That way
it could be attached to a "?" button on Setup's GUI where people could ignore it
immediately, instead of being a man page that people have to figure out how to
install before they can ignore it.

About all I know about any of this though is that HTMLHelp takes
pretty-much-standard HTML and compiles it into a single file, which you then run
with a spawned HTMLHelp viewer, which works well.  Oh, and that WinHelp (the
older system) takes some bastardized RTF freakshow and spits out a
difficult-to-use mess.  I don't know if there are any Free HTMLHelp compilers
around, or if we particularly care, but MS's is free for the downloading, and it
works OK in a build script.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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