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Re: [PATCH] Setup postinstall logging - take X+1 (regen against HEAD)

Thanks Igor, Max, and CGF.

All the suggestions were greatly appreciated and while they did not solve the 
problem I learned a new option - I thought I had all the good ones for 
reverting back to head and getting back to current but missed the -C. :-)  Got 
it now though.

I also learned from trying to see why the -C didn't help either:  that when I 
revert back to what is in CVS apparently CVS does not remove files that no 
longer exist in the repository from my current working directory if they still 
exist there????  

Is this normal or is something flaky on my install?  

I finally saw the warning that there was a conflict and that 
,aclocal.m4 and configure and bz2lib/configure no longer existed in the 
repository.  Once I removed them from my working directory and a couple others 
that had been in the postinstall patch I tested for Igor and then updated again 
from CVS I finally got back to what looks like current and setup did compile.

Thanks all for the lessons.


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