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Re: rtag failing on cygwin-apps repo

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 10:19, Max Bowsher wrote:

> > Is it OK to commit stuff now?
> Did you find anything else out about this?
> The branch looks successfully created to me.
> Can you just confirm it's OK to proceed with commits?

Oh yes, please do.

The rtag command still fails 

robertc at lifelesslap:~/source/cygwin/setup-HEAD$ cvsmkbranch setup-test
cvs: ../../coolo-cvs/src/lock.c:177: lock_name: Assertion
`(__extension__ (__builtin_constant_p (strlen
(current_parsed_root->directory)) && ((__builtin_constant_p (repository)
&& strlen (repository) < ((size_t) (strlen
(current_parsed_root->directory)))) || (__builtin_constant_p
(current_parsed_root->directory) && strlen
(current_parsed_root->directory) < ((size_t) (strlen
(current_parsed_root->directory))))) ? __extension__ ({ size_t __s1_len,
__s2_len; (__builtin_constant_p (repository) && __builtin_constant_p
(current_parsed_root->directory) && (__s1_len = strlen (repository),
__s2_len = strlen (current_parsed_root->directory),
(!((size_t)(const void *)((repository) + 1) - (size_t)(const void
*)(repository) == 1) || __s1_len >= 4) && (!((size_t)(const void


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