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Re: juggling patches...

Robert Collins wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 01:46, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>> Is the shudder over Tom, or arch ? If Tom, then I can understand ;]. If
>>> arch itself - have you tried a recent version? I've found arch to be
>>> incredibly useful, making some of the things I'd fought with CVS to make
>>> happen trivial. (Notably disconnected work and local branches).
>> Disconnected work becomes less of a fight if you rsync the repository to
>> your local box, and use shell aliases to pass appropriate -d options.
>> It's not totally transparent, but it works well.
> Except you can't checkin to that repository. And you can't create
> branches in it. If you want to take that route, cvsup is even better
> than rsync because you can then checkin to local branches - but you have
> to be *very* careful to prevent name collisions.
> I've actually spent some time on this :}.

cvsup requires a remote cvsup server, doesn't it? So short of convincing
overseers to install cvsup on, it isn't useful here. Or
have I misunderstood it?


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