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Re: Patched doc/setup-net.sgml

At 01:11 PM 3/22/2003 -0800, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
>> ****
>> The Install For options of All Users or Just Me are especially for
>> multiuser systems or Domain users. If you have a single-user workstation,
>> this option probably does not concern you. If you are seeking to rollout
>> Cygwin on a large Domain, you will want to think carefully about the
>> implications of each type and possibly consult the Cygwin mailing list
>> archives about others' experiences.
>> ****
>> This option is mysterious and the explanation above does not give any food
>> for thought in "think carefully about the implications". Is it about the 
>> mounts in the registry? Anything else? 
>> Given that the daemons use the system mounts, wouldn't it be a good idea
>> set them?
>Well, a lot of the problem is probably that it is somewhat mysterious to
>me as well. The way I see it, everyone should use "All Users" unless they
>don't have local Administrators privlidge, right?

It would be good to confirm what that does, your doc is it.

I think you are right about the conclusion. Why don't you
say just that? It's straightforward. Also doesn't setup
preset the choice depending if you have local Administrators privilege?
>I think what I'm trying to tell people is if they want that kind of rollout
>they should read and understand the ntsec stuff. Hmm. Why don't I just say 

That section in the user's guide is very hard to read IMO. It shouldn't
be needed to answer the question in setup.


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