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Re: ATTN: Apache, Perl, Python, and Exim maintainers

to change the requires: dependency on 'gdbm' to 'libgdbm'. Thus, you
don't need to do anything NOW, but you probably need to note this change so that your next release reflects the correct dependency.

Thank you for the note.  Perl-5.8 'final' release is coming soon,
you're just in time ;)

FWIW, I've just uploaded 1.8.3-1 as a 'test' release. If you wouldn't mind, I was wondering if you could try at least one of your builds of perl-5.8-pre against the new 1.8.3-1 version of gdbm -- I'd like to know if perl can link against it, and perl's testsuite ought to really put it thru its paces...

However, I don't anticipate promoting 1.8.3-1 to 'current' very soon, so your perl-5.8 *release* should still depend on the "old" 1.8.0-5 version -- and your setup should say "requires: libgdbm ..." and NOT "requires: libgdbm3" (and not "requires: gdbm").

I'll post another message to the main cygwin list about the new new gdbm package 'avail for test'.


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