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pavel is off


Due to an unexpected chain of events in the last few weeks I ended up 
loosing my job. As a side effect I have to move from Italy on the lookout 
for a new job. This would eventually lead to a long time without internet 
access and who knows what else :)

So, basically, one week ago I've asked Christopher to remove me from the 
list of the moderators for cygwin-announce and also to remove my account 
on, since I would not be able to fulfill my duties for 
uncertain amount of time. Obviously, I will not be able to take care of 
the list of pending cygwin packages too.

As a maintainer of the Midnight Commander package for Cygwin I will try to 
do my best to keep the package updated. I do not expect that the MC 
developers will release an update in the next few months so it should be 
ok. Today I've prepared a new MC package built against the latest ncurses 
library and I expect to do one more update once a 64-bit version of Cygwin 
is made available to the public.

Finally, I'd like to thank you all - for working hard on a wonderful 
project, for the good time and many things I've learned here.


Pavel Tsekov

P.S. Once I get my life sorted I'll rejoin the project! :)

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