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RFC: Setup auto-dependency generation?

I'll just throw this out there to see if it's more burger than bun.  This came
to mind when I read the "libpcre setup.hint is BROKEN" thread: Would it be
possible for upset or something to automatically generate the
setup.hint/setup.ini dependencies, or at least check them?  Seems to me that,
since cygcheck will output a list of required DLLs, that a little bit of perl

1.  Generate a DLL->Package map for all packages in Setup (this already exists).
2.  Get a list of DLLs required by all EXEs/DLLs in a package using cygcheck.
3.  Look up the DLL names in the DLL->Package map.
4.  Generate or check the "requires" line of said package.
5.  Lather, rinse, repeat for each package.

Of course there may be more dependencies than just EXEs->DLLs, but I'd assume
this is the major one, and it would at the very least be a partial solution to
dependency problems (it would have prevented the libpcre problem anyway).

It's early in the morning (they added a 9:30 in the morning now, lousy
government) and I'm thinking even less clearly than normal; I'm just asking if
it's possible and/or makes any sense, so please no "PTC"s, I'm well aware of the

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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