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mknetrel issues

I've been trying to use mknetrel (natively on Cygwin) to build myself a

I ran into a variety of small issues:

1) This line:
   sedit 's/^gcc_version_trigger[  ]*=.*$//' Makefile '*' :
contains whitespace in the sed pattern. It's quoted here, but by the time it
is actually used, the quotes have been lost by passing it to a shell
function, producing the error "unterminated 's' command".

I'm guessing these are intended to be make variables, but the quotes are
getting lost prematurely, and they are being interpreted by bash as $()
command interpolation.

3) There seems to be a bug in extra/gcc: The addmakeflags GCJ=... GCJH=...
does not take account of the fact that addmakeflags removes whitespace
between its arguments, leading to the single flag of GCJ=...GCJH=... being

I'm a little confused why all this is going wrong for me - given that
mknetrel must obviously get regular use. On the other hand, I don't see what
could be odd about my system to cause this.

Can anyone (well, cgf, probably) explain any of this?



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