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Re: Homogenizing include guards - and copyright comments

Max Bowsher wrote:
>> I'm about to do the include guard cleanup I mentioned some time ago.
>> Whilst I'm tidying up the names of the include guards, I might as well
>> up the locations of the include guards (with respect to the comments at
>> start of the file). Is this ordering OK? :
>> -----------------------------------------
>> /*
>>  * Copyright (c) .....
>>  * .....
>>  *
>>  */
>> #ifndef SETUP_FOOBAR_H
>> #define SETUP_FOOBAR_H
>> /* (In some files) Brief description of file. */
>> rest-of-file
>> #endif /* SETUP_FOOBAR_H */
>> --------------------------------------------

Off-list (presumably accidentally), Gary R. Van Sickle replied:
> I tend to think that the include guards should wrap as much of the file as
> possible, idea being that the compiler then bypasses the most text
> But then again, rumor has it that gcc (at least) recognizes such
constructs and
> doesn't even rescan the file at all the second time, and scanning is
hardly the
> bottleneck in gcc these days....

I don't think the extra copyright comments will have much of an effect on
compilation speed. I like the layout I proposed, because it gives increased
visual distinction between copyright boilerplate and file-specific
interesting info.


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