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Re: Setup.exe: Font issue


This is trivial in complexity, so shouldn't require a long review.
It is just:

-FONT 8, "MS Sans Serif"
+FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg"

all through res.rc.

I've tested it, it works.

OK to apply?


Max Bowsher wrote:
> Reawakening discussion on this patch.
> Thread start:
> This appears to help the strange DPI issue.
> Though Gary had some concerns that it wasn't the ultimate fix, it does
> to fix the issue.
> If we get this committed, I'll redo the snapshot, and we will have an URL
> point people with this problem to.
> Max.
> Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I always used to have problems with the package selection page in
>> setup.exe (on W2K, using a custom screen resolution of 144 dpi).  The
>> package list never showed the vertical scrollbar.  In the current
>> version the mouse wheel didn't work either (another patch coming), so
>> I couldn't scroll the list at all.
>> I tracked this down now to a font issue.  Turns out that the main
>> window of the PropertySheet wizard uses the font alias "MS Shell Dlg"
>> as its base font (as seen in the DLGTEMPLATE passed to
>> PSCB_PRECREATE).  The individual pages use the font alias "MS Sans
>> Serif" as set in the resource file.  With larger screen resolutions,
>> this results in widely different ideas about the size of the dialog
>> units that are used to measure dialogs and controls.  The result is
>> that the vertical scrollbar of the list was outside of the clipping
>> region that the main window had set up.
>> The simplest fix was to change the font in the resource file (patch
>> attached).  This is certainly better than the current situation, but I
>> am not sure this is the best solution, as I am not sure that it is
>> documented and garanteed that the wizard will use this specific font
>> alias.
>> Ideally we want either set the font for the main window to "MS Sans
>> Serif" at an apropriate time (i.e. before dialog units are converted
>> to pixel units), or in some other way synchronize the font for the
>> individual sheets with the main window at runtime.  I have not found a
>> simple way to do this yet, though.
>> If there is interest I can at least provide the code that I used to
>> check the font that the main window is using and to write that to the
>> log file.
>> so long, benny
>> 2003-05-19  Benjamin Riefenstahl  <>
>> * res.rc (all dialogs): Change font from "MS Sans Serif" to "MS
>> Shell Dlg".

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