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Re: Homogenizing include guards - and copyright comments

Robert Collins wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Whilst I'm tidying up the names of the include guards, I might as well
>> up the locations of the include guards (with respect to the comments at
>> start of the file). Is this ordering OK? :
> Please do - this is fine.

OK, I've committed the bulk of these changes - that is, all files which have
both and inclusion guard and a standard-form copyright comment.

Here are some comments on the remainder:

md5.h rfc1738.h: Imported from elsewhere, so I'm not changing them.

resource.h: Special case - not changing.

LogFile.h cistring.h dialog.h diskfull.h filemanip.h geturl.h hash.h log.h
mkdir.h mount.h msg.h netio.h nio-file.h nio-ftp.h nio-http.h nio-ie5.h
port.h simpsock.h state.h version.h: No include guard.

root.h: No copyright comment.

mklink2.h: Neither copyright comment, nor include guard.

I propose to add include guards and copyright comments as mentioned above.

What name should appear in the copyright comments?


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