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Re: UW-IMAP (rfc headers) ?

*** Elfyn McBratney ( wrote today:

:) On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, Eduardo Chappa wrote:
:) > *** Elfyn McBratney ( wrote on Jul 3, 2003:
:) >
:) > :) I've started seeing two application requiring the header
:) > :) `rfc822.h' from the c-client. Would is be possible for you
:) > :) (Abraham?) to put this header in your next update?
:) >
:) > Something worth investigating though is if that particular header
:) > file changes between different versions of the c-client library. I've
:) > seen changes in the location of function in the c-client library
:) > before, so I'm not 100% sure how useful is to distribute that
:) > specific file (e.g. it could be that two different programs use two
:) > different versions of the same file).
:) There hasn't been much activity on that particular file. Perhaps, it's
:) just down to projects becoming more "tight" with the standards :-) Not
:) a bad thing, IMO.

I have no idea what you mean (by "more "tight"" (nor I want to know), but
it's important that the file be static, otherwise is pointless (same for

Anyway, I don't oppose distribution of the file, I just wanted to raise a

Have a nice day!


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