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Updated: uw-imap 2002d

This update contains cygwin-specific code changes to the main code base
(which means that I don't have to patch it anymore!) as well as other fixes
listed below.  I've created a new devel package for this, but rather than
calling it uw-imap-devel, I've called it c-client, after the name of the
library used.

I'd welcome any input on the way that I've packaged c-client.  The
c-client.a that is built as part of uw-imap I've renamed to libc-client.a.
Also, I've tried to select the set of .h files that developers and other
packages might be interested in.  These will be in /usr/include/c-client,
which will need to be added to the include path at build time via the -I
option.  The c-client dev guide "internal.txt" is in /usr/doc/uw-imap-2002d.

(Note: this isn't built against 1.5.0 yet, because it depends on the openssl
libs, so I thought I should wait...)

Thank you!

>From the RELNOTES file (included in /usr/doc/uw-imap-2002d/):
imap-2002d is a minor release, released concurrently with Pine 4.56, and
contains primarily bugfixes.  Programs written for imap-2002 should build
with this version without modification, with one exception.  That exception
is the ngbogus envelope flag, which stopped being used in imap-2002c and is
now gone for good.

The NNTP newsgroup listing code now tries to use wildmats on the NNTP
which should result in better performance especially on slow lines.  It is
also once again permitted to log in on NNTP servers when /loser is set.

imapd now supports the UNSELECT command.

A new envelope flag, imapenvonly, indicates that the envelope in a
MESSAGE/RFC822 BODY structure only has the IMAP envelope components and
not the additional components from c-client: Newsgroups, Followup-To,
and References.

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