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Re: [PATCH] Setup: Fix erroneous quoting of __LINE__ and __FILE__

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> Umm, what can I say except "Oops!"?  Would you believe I redirected the
> make output to one file, and looked at another?  Bizarre, isn't it?  I've
> attached a (verified) working patch.

Yes, confirmed.

> As for the commit rights, I do have them for some directories in the
> cygwin-apps repository, but I was under the impression that those rights
> were on a per-directory basis.

[Resolved in another sub-thread]
So, once Robert OKs the new patch, you can commit it yourself, or ask me to,
whichever is more convenient.

> 2003-07-11  Igor Pechtchanski  <>
> * String++.h (TOSTRING): New macro.

Do we need __TOSTRING__ and TOSTRING? Since they are defined in the same
file, it isn't really making the namespace cleaner.

> * (UserSettings::deRegisterSetting): Fix
> erroneous __LINE__/__FILE__ usage.
> * (validateCachedPackage, check_for_cached): Ditto.
> * (getUrlToStream): Ditto.
> * (md5_one): Ditto.


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