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Review of DjVuLibre

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|@ DjVuLibre
|> date : 29 Mar 2003
|> version: 3.5.11-3
|> status : not reviewed
|> notes :
|> reviews:
|> votes : 2 (Jakka and Joshua)
|> url :

Binary package:
1. has an exmpty /etc/postinstall directory
BTW: I adderssed this bug of the generic script in my latest patch <grin>
2. binary exe files are quite big, do they use a static library? this is not a problem at all but I guess using a shared one in the future could be good

Source package.
1. patch is big, comes from an autoreconf I guess (this is not a problem, just I don't have the will to review the patch itself ^_^)
2. packaging method is "script with patch and original sources, no signatures"
Seems not to use a very new build script, but that has never been a problem.
3. seems also to support mingw32 as a compilation host (I did not test this), reading the script I notice little strange things, like the use of --enable-maintainer-mode in mingw32's configure in the conf() function or the use of a "i686-pc-cygwin" build environment (AFAIK with -mno-cygwin the build type too is i686-pc-mingw32, isn't it?)
4. almost each file is patched to use DjVuConfig.h instead of config.h, which contains some hardwired defines itself... maybe a strange way to use autoconf, but I see no problems with it

BTW: I did look at the packaging, didn't do any testing of the programs themself

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