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Re: SetupXP

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> and a reversion of the wizard page titles to "Cygwin Setup"
> (which I need to bring up for discussion separately).

Indeed. First, I *really* don't see this change happening as is. It was
originally done to assist automation programs. I don't think we should pull
the plug on them. Perhaps we can compromize on "Cygwin Setup -

>> The XP
>> manifest change seems to be conveniently modular. Want to submit that to
>> cygwin-apps@, as a first step to decreasing the size of your monolithic
>> patch?
> If I can get it to work, sure ;-).  Currently it doesn't work like I
> it did.  I think it might be a problem with windres, I have to look into

Right, OK. Lets talk about a different change, then:

"make LogFile::exit() not exit if exit_code == 0":
I don't understand the reasoning behind this change. Can you explain?



P.S.: Please could you either add a last-changed-date to your webpage, or
announce here every time you update the diff?

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