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RE: [SetupXP] Issue list

> Gary,
> Here is a partial list of issues from your mega-patch.

I still bristle at the "mega" ;-).  43K including the bulk of res.rc ain't even
*close* to "mega" ;-).

> * Issue: Drop -r HEAD
> Please do this ASAP. If you need further evidence for the desirability of
> this, just look to res.rc, specifically at the way your diff removes my
> multiline comment about "MS Shell Dlg".

Dude, I tried to do this, but something happened.  I apologize.  Check it now, I
think it's ok.

> * Issue: LogFile::Exit
>         * (LogFile::exit): Only exit() on error, otherwise return
>         to caller.
>         * LogFile.h (LogFile::exit): Remove noreturn attribute.
>         * LogSingleton.h (LogSingleton::exit): Remove noreturn attribute.
>         * (main): Change some comments.
> Please either revert these changes, or reopen discussion on this topic.

I maintain the noreturns should be removed on the basis that:
a. LogXxxx isn't/shouldn't be the long-term program exit() location, hence
they'll have to be removed eventually anyway.
b. They add nothing in the interim except confusion.

> * Issue: PropertyPage::OnInit
> I've suggested a change, and confirmed your understanding of my suggestion
> (PreOnInit), but you haven't said whether you think it is a good or bad
> idea.

I'm not sure yet, that's why ;-).  I think it's good, but I'll have to look into

> * Issue: IDD_SPLASH res.rc changes
>         * res.rc (IDD_SPLASH): Move icon.  Change commented-out
>         "white box" static control to a black invisible one.
> Please either revert these changes, or reopen discussion on this topic.

Huh, that is an odd size, wonder why I did that.  Alright, but in return you
have to tell my why you want me to revert all this stuff in my *local* copy;
isn't that why it's local, so's I can play around in my proverbial sandbox?

> * Issue: OnActivate
> I'm leaving the final decision up to Robert, then I will distil a patch
> (unless you want to, in which case, tell me) and submit it for review.

I don't want to unless everybody's happy.

> I don't intend to raise any more issues from the patch until most of these
> are taken care of - juggling any more parallel threads of discussion could
> get awkward.
> Max.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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