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Re: [setup PATCH] SetDlgItemFont

Max Bowsher wrote:

+2003-07-31 Gary R. Van Sickle <g.r.vansickle=XfrvlLN1Pqtfpb/> + + Changes modified by Max Bowsher <maxb=B2Gdhv0Jo/> + * (Copyright): Update copyright dates. + (SplashPage::OnInit): Remove call to SetDlgItemFont(). Now handled in + base class.

Could you include the ChangeLog on its own rather than using a diff-generated version?

Is it just the way my email client is displaying tabs, or are tabs being converted into single spaces somewhere along the way?

- // Set header title font of each internal page to MS Sans Serif, Bold, 8
- // This will just silently fail on the first and last pages.
- SetDlgItemFont(IDC_STATIC_HEADER_TITLE, "MS Sans Serif", 8, FW_BOLD);
+ // These font settings will just silently fail when the resource id
+ // is not present on a page.
+ // Set header title font of each internal page
+ SetDlgItemFont(IDC_STATIC_HEADER_TITLE, "MS Shell Dlg", 8, FW_BOLD);
+ // Set the font for the IDC_STATIC_WELCOME_TITLE
+ SetDlgItemFont(IDC_STATIC_WELCOME_TITLE, "Ariel", 12, FW_BOLD);

Shouldn't that be Arial rather than Ariel?

-- Andrew

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