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Re: Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-01

Daniel Reed wrote:

) libbz2_0                Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-01-26
I'm marking these and similar packages as "obsolete", since there are newer
packages with higher interface numbers in the name (libbz2_1, libdb4.1,
libncurses7, etc.). They won't show up as flagged next month.


) libintl Charles Wilson !!! last updated 2001-12-18 ) libintl1 Charles Wilson !!! last updated 2001-12-13 We have 0.10.38 and 0.10.40, respectively, whereas freshmeat lists gettext as being at 0.12.1 (and our libintl is in the "gettext" directory).

Erm, these should be marked obsolete, too. We have libintl2 at version 0.12.1.

) popt Charles Wilson !!! last updated 2002-06-09 ) libpopt0 Charles Wilson !!! last updated 2002-06-09 We have 1.6.4; vendor appears to be 1.7.

Actually, vendor version is 1.8, and I don't maintain this package anymore. Nicholas took it over some time ago. Although I may take it back if he doesn't hurry up and give me the 1.8 version I've been pestering him for, for over six months...


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