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Re: [Review - Good to go] suite3270 [Needs 1 more vote]


Peter A. Castro wrote:
Ugh... I just noticed that your all command is as follows:

  all) prep && conf && build && install && \
     pkg && spkg && finish ; STATUS=$? ;;

You don't have a 'strip' command in there; I checked the s3270 package
and noticed that s3270.exe is 484 KiB, versus 170 KiB after running it
through 'strip'.

Ya, I just caught that myself while examine something unrelated.  I've
just fix it and have updated the links.


I suggest fixing this by adding 'strip' to the 'all' command and
re-running the 'all' command.  I will upload the package tomorrow after
you have posted a stripped version.

I've got upload privs myself, so no need to do that (unless you *really*
want to :) Besides, I think the package is still missing a vote or two
(at least according to Daniel's latest PPL, no? ).

Ah ha. No need for me to upload then.

Let's see, Igor voted pro, I obviously vote pro... now we need one more vote to upload.


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