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Re: [Review - Good to go] suite3270 [Needs 1 more vote]

On 2003-12-02T00:00-0500, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
) Let's see, Igor voted pro, I obviously vote pro... now we need one more
) vote to upload.

I don't normally list reviewers as voting "pro" automatically. I think it
might be important that people can feel free to review package proposals
without giving the impression they approve of the software contained in the

That is, I might review a package I have no familiarity with in order to
ensure its packaging complies with conventions, its setup.hint lists correct
dependencies, that running the .exe does not cause obviously incorrect
behavior, etc.  I probably would not provide a "good to go" unless I was
familiar with the program, but I could conceivably provide one even if I did
not have an opinion on whether it should be included or not, just for the
sake of speeding things along.

That being said, I will list you as voting pro for suite3270. The suite3270
proposal is now only one vote away, as you stated.

Daniel Reed <>
"A professor is one who talks in someone else's sleep."

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