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Re: [ITP] ImageMagick wrote:


Billinghurst, David (CALCRTS) wrote:

I have built ImageMagick-5.5.3 as a shared library.  It worked for me
some time in July 2003.

I indended to contribute the package myself, but .... (insert usual excuses). I am travelling on business, but I have one of my old build script with me. See below.

Thanks. Can you justify the following flags you passed:

  --disable-largefile --without-frozenpaths \
  --with-magick-plus-plus --without-perl -without-wmf

--without-perl is required because the PerlMagick build fails.

Getting it to support a vendor installdir is actually not that difficult. OOTB, it isn't DESTDIR friendly. However, all it requires is, post configure, switching to the perl dir and rerunning perl Makefile.PL with the appropriate MakeMaker args to get it to work.

--without-wmf is detected automatically.
--with-magick-plus-plus is detected automatically.

I see no reason why we shouldn't support Magick++, it built fine for me a year ago.

--without-frozenpaths is a mystery to me. I don't know what it does.

Additionally, looks for "convert":

AC_PATH_PROG(ConvertDelegate, "$ConvertDelegateDefault", "$ConvertDelegateDefault")

On Windows, it finds:

checking for convert... /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/convert

Not out of the box, but you could do what I do, which is to add a script to profile.d which sanitizes my $PATH of unnecessary entries. Or you could set the PATH inside the build script and restore it after it finishes. Or, if you are feeling bold my friend, you could rewrite the macro based on the source from the m4 file in global autoconf share dir. You'd need to change the name of the macro (i.e. AC_CYG_PATH_PROG), edit it so that it sanitizes the $PATH of /cygdrive/* before beginning the actual check, and then drop the macro into acinclude or configure.{in,ac} itself.


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