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[ITP - Ready for review 2] GraphicsMagick

[This is an update that needs to be reviewed again.]

I would like to contribute and maintain GraphicsMagick:

Tester's Notes
You can point Cygwin's setup.exe to the following address to download
and test the GraphicsMagick package:

Reviewer's Notes
1) I updated to the repaired 1.0.4 source tarball, which is 600 KB larger than the messed up 1.0.4 tarball (which was actually the 1.0 release).

2) I excluded configure from the 'mkpatch' step and added 'autoconf' to the 'prep' step to avoid sending the configure script in the patch.

3) I moved /usr/lib/GraphicsMagick-1.0.4 into the libGraphicsMagick0 package.

4) I notified Bob F. that an empty /usr/include/magick directory is being created and added a deletion of this empty directory to the 'install' step, to be used until the upstream build system is fixed to stop creating this directory.

------------------------ cut here -------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash

mkdir GraphicsMagick
cd GraphicsMagick

wget \

wget \

wget \

mkdir libGraphicsMagick0
cd libGraphicsMagick0

wget \

wget \

cd ..
mkdir libGraphicsMagick-devel
cd libGraphicsMagick-devel

wget \

wget \
------------------------ cut here --------------------------------------

MD5 sums:

97d54454f6eb3097bb9c835edb162379 *./GraphicsMagick-1.0.4-1-src.tar.bz2
6a0ac065a93e28ca78fa010fe8346459 *./GraphicsMagick-1.0.4-1.tar.bz2
3e53066d1b1afc088f5584370a09a4b6 *./libGraphicsMagick-devel/libGraphicsMagick-devel-1.0.4-1.tar.bz2
149e44c2a070ea7cea3ea52b43aba37a *./libGraphicsMagick-devel/setup.hint
8ff50a6c130f8f2c1a451dfc0b8a1d2d *./libGraphicsMagick0/libGraphicsMagick0-1.0.4-1.tar.bz2
cc1846262c4ce0277166d6947f71540d *./libGraphicsMagick0/setup.hint
3cb9210d7f7f7306d9b95fce981aa7cd *./setup.hint


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