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Re: [Review - not yet] Re: [ITP] gtypist-2.7

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Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> I don't have time for a functionality review, but I've taken a look at 
> the packaging.  The README lists 'emacs' as a runtime requirement.  Is it
> really required?  I understood that it was optional...  It does seem to 
> be a build-time requirement, though.  

I myself debated for a while whether to include emacs as a requirement.  Configure looks for emacs and decides in which directory to install the relevant files.  If a system didn't have emacs I guess it would continue anyway--it's not needed for the program itself--it just wouldn't install those files.

Similarly there's typefortune, a perl script for creating new lessons.  Also optional, and I don't think that configure looks for perl.

In the README, emacs and perl could be listed as optional for runtime and emacs required for build.  But what about setup.hint?

> Also, shouldn't this be in the "Games" category as well ("Text" is ok)?

I don't think of it as a game really.  It's a real typing tutor; my wife started using it here to learn to touch-type.  I'll take input on this though.

> In the source package script, the 'install' step will not stop if 'make
> install' fails.  Neither will the 'mkpatch' step if source archive
> decompression fails.  The output of 'strip' is redirected to the bit
> bucket, so if anything goes wrong, there will be no clues (and there are
> two 'find' commands when one will suffice, as someone [Gareth?] noticed).
> Also, strip may fail, which isn't caught.  I've inlined a patch below.

Thanks.  I 'borrowed' this script from GraphicsMagick with some modifications, but I think some of these patches Howard Hunt may want to note also.
> The source build fails for me with the following error:
> /bin/bash: line 1: help2man: command not found
> make[2]: *** [gtypist.1] Error 127
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/apps/gtypist/src/gtypist-2.7/.build'
> make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/apps/gtypist/src/gtypist-2.7/.build'
> make: *** [all] Error 2
> But 'help2man' is not listed as a build requirement.  There is also no
> 'help2man' script in the source distribution.  I noticed that other
> packages (e.g., fileutils, gperf, sed, texinfo) do include a version of
> this script in the sources.  Perhaps it would be a good idea here as 
> well, as there is no 'help2man' Cygwin package...

WHOOPS!  This is a good example of getting ahead of oneself.  I made a package of help2man-1.29 (if you used setup.exe on my website it's there) and installed it a while ago, so it worked fine for me.  I never noticed that it used help2man, and I'm pretty sure configure doesn't look for this either.

My package 'd' also needs help2man to build, but it comes with the sources.  In this case, I could either include a copy in CYGWIN-PATCHES, or (as was suggested last time) get a help2man package added to the net distro.

The problem with the latter is that the newest versions of help2man require a perl module, Locale::gettext, and even then by me it doesn't build.  Version 1.29 is the last version that didn't need this perl module, so I packaged it for myself a while ago.  I know that some packages here are older because newer versions just don't build or work on Cygwin, but I didn't want to propose it so fast because it's not the newest version.

Any comments on the above would be appreciated.  Thanks for your review!

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