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Re: [Review - not yet] Re: [ITP] gtypist-2.7

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Judging by the above list of packages that distribute help2man, just
> > stick it in the source distro.  It's not that large.  Although I would
> > put it in the regular source dir, not CYGWIN-PATCHES...  Oh, and you'd
> > need to change GEN_MAN in and configure to something like
> > "$(srcdir)/help2man ./gtypist -o gtypist.1", anyway).
> I've tried this and a few other ways but it's not working.  As soon as
> configure finishes the missing script takes over and calls config.status
> - --recheck.  Exactly what needs to be changed and where to get this to
> work?

Ah, I see the problem!  I had the same one with pdksh.  When you create
the patch, the files are diff'ed in alphabetical order, which places
'' *after* 'configure' in the patch.  This means that when the
patch command finishes, '' will be newer than 'configure' --
hence the remake.  I dealt with this by adding

  touch ${srcdir}/ ${srcdir}/ ${srcdir}/configure && \

to the 'conf' step of the build script.  It's a kludge, but it works.

> Or we could just get help2man in the distro, albeit not the newest
> version.  Being a commonly-used GNU package, I'm frankly surprised that
> it isn't packaged for Cygwin, unless the newer versions' dependency on
> Locale::gettext was the problem.
> Thanks!

AFAICS, there was no need for it, as all the packages that used the script
in the build came with their own versions.
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