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[ITP] xemacs: A powerful, highly customizable open source texteditor and application development system


I would like to contribute and maintain the xemacs package:

 *                         (Homepage)
 *          (Download location) 

and also the accompanying packages xemacs-sumo/xemacs-mule-sumo:

 *    (Homepage)
 *  (Download location) 

I haven't uploaded the packages yet because there are 3 minor problems 
which I would like to discuss.

 o In the xemacs package there are two files in common with the standard emacs


   How should I deal with them ?
 o Also xemacs ships with a copy of etags/ctags which collide with the following
   files from the ctags package (they also have different command-line options)
   and if ctags gets updated to the FHS also the following man pages will collide

   How to deal with this issues ?
 o The two sumo packages are just the complete prepackaged elisp infrastructure
   for running xemacs. xemacs-sumo is about 22MB and xemacs-mule-sumo about 5MB
   in size !! Everybody could just download them from the original download 
   location (see above) and untar them in the right lisp load path. The only 
   advantages of having them as cygwin packages are: setup compatible and 
   the right location for unpacking is in place. The size is what worries 
What do you think ?


Here is the setup.hint file:

sdesc: "A powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and application development system"
ldesc: "XEmacs is a powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and
application development system, with full GUI support.  It is protected
under the GNU Public License and related to other versions of Emacs, in
particular GNU Emacs.  Its emphasis is on modern graphical user
interface support and an open software development model, similar to
Linux.  XEmacs has an active development community numbering in the
hundreds (and thousands of active beta testers on top of this), and runs
on all versions of MS Windows, on Linux, and on nearly every other
version of Unix in existence.  Support for XEmacs has been supplied by
Sun Microsystems, University of Illinois, Lucid, ETL/Electrotechnical
Laboratory, Amdahl Corporation, BeOpen, and others, as well as the
unpaid time of a great number of individual developers."
category: Editors Interpreters
requires: cygipc cygwin expat lesstif libdb4.1 libfontconfig1 libfreetype26 libiconv2 libintl2 libjpeg62 libncurses7 libpng12 libtiff4 openssl postgresql XFree86-bin zlib


Here is the setup.hint file for xemacs-sumo:

sdesc: "XEmacs standard packages"
ldesc: "XEmacs standard packages"
category: Editors
requires: cygwin xemacs


Here is the setup.hint file for xemacs-mule-sumo:

sdesc: "XEmacs MULE (MUlti Lingual Emacs) packages"
ldesc: "XEmacs MULE (MUlti Lingual Emacs) packages"
category: Editors
requires: cygwin xemacs

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