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Re: ImageMagick

John, wrote:

Now that I understand the Cygwin community a bit better, I propose a solution
that should satisfy everyone.  I am the original author and current primary
maintainer of ImageMagick.  I will spend some time ensuring ImageMagick
complies with the general Cygwin package requirements and then submit it
as a contributed package as detailed in
Any help/suggestions in how to properly package ImageMagick for Cygwin
is welcome.

That is fine with me. Go to one of our mirror sites:

Then navigate to the following directory:


Then grab the following file:


There is a script in that file that handles the packaging and building of ImageMagick for Cygwin... it should be called The first thing you should do is bump it to for your local test builds. You should then run the script with the following options (one at a time): prep, conf, build, install, strip, pkg, spkg. If all of those work, then you can look at the 'install' step in the build script and notice my little bit of magic to delete some empty folders in the install tree and (don't remember if this is there or not) to move some folders to other locations. Ideally we would like not to have to do such manual steps in our platform-specific build script.

Then you can go back and look at the review of my package from Charles Wilson where he lays out the various upgrade scenarios that are going to cause us problems and see if you can propose either a platform-specific fix or if you can address the issues with generic updates to ImageMagick's build and versioning system.

If you address all of the concerns then I will hand over the package to you for maintainership, but I reserve the right to refuse to hand it over if we feel that any remaining problems are going to cause a large amount of mailing list volume whenever the package is updated. Realize that our prime goal here is to minimize mailing list traffic of bug reports (especially false bug reports).


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