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Re: [distcc] distcc 2.12 released

Morrison, John wrote:

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 11:39:43PM -0500, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

This is great. Thanks for making a quick release to get this in. I
have repackaged the distcc package for Cygwin for this new release. Our platform-specific patch now contains only our Cygwin README file
and our setup file; distcc now builds completely "out of the box" on

I just saw this and the cygwin-announce message for distcc. The last I knew, John Morrison was the maintainer for distcc. I haven't seen any announcement from him that he is giving up his maintainership duties.

I'd like this kind of thing to be rather formal.  We're supposed to
be keeping track of who's doing what in the distribution.

Sorry folks - works a killer atm, this is/was on my 'todo', but I
wasn't pushing it since (AFAIR) it's only a minor release.

Harold, if you have time I formally renounce my maintainership of distcc
(this project is now slated for a 'phase 3' in January, no rest for the
wicked :|)  If there's stuff I can do in the future, I'll keep you

Christopher; let Harold do it; he's actually got more experience with
the internals than I have!  Thanks for asking though.


Thanks John. I accept maintainership. I have found distcc quite useful and have a reason to keep it up to date. It is also a pleasure to work with Martin Pool of distcc.


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