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Re: Package Proposal: Xcoral

Hello Igor,

>> Use managed mounts to avoid renaming.

> Please don't, at least not for the final package.  I'd be very wary of
> putting packages into the distribution that would require managed mounts
> to build.

Why?  You can handle the build from a buildscript including mounting
and umounting so you wouldn't even take notice of it.  What at all do
we have and use Cygwin for if we don't make use of its features?

> Contact the upstream maintainers, and tell them that their package
> is non-portable, and won't build on non-case-preserving filesystems.
> Ask them to change the name of either control.h or Control.h.  In
> my experience, most projects (with the exception of a few that are
> openly hostile towards any Windows tool) will accomodate Cygwin by
> renaming the file (especially if it's a generated file).

E.g. The "nail" maintainer with his aux.c file;)  But then the cygwin
xcoral maintainer tobe needs to wait until a new upstream release is
available?  Using managed mounts solves this issue in the best of
all possible ways how to do like this.


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