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Re: Packages that change without incrementing the version/release

On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 12:27:47PM -0000, Max Bowsher wrote:
>In my latest session of setup debugging, I discovered that setup was 
>silently ignoring wrongly sized packages. Once I fixed that, I discovered 
>that I had quite a few packages that failed the check. (Including all the 
>xorg-x11 ones but also:
>I presume that at some point all of these have been replaced with slightly 
>tweaked versions without a release increment.
>Anyway, this means many users are likely to have old 'invalid' versions of 
>these packages. Which means, that before I can release a new setup, I need 
>to make setup recover gracefully, rather than exiting at the first error as 
>it currently does.

Different sizes should be irrelvant.  The MD5s will not match between the
package disk and the one in setup.ini.  Doesn't that force a re-download?

>Currently I'm thinking along the lines of having setup rename the package 
>files as it finds them, adding a ".BAD" suffix. As far as user feedback 
>goes, I will probably go with a MessageBox summarizing all the problems at 
>the end of the scan, for a short term quick hack to get a new setup out 
>ASAP. Later though it should become a scrollable log textfield.
>Comments on the above?

The more feedback we can provide to the user, the better.


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