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Re: Blind people using setup.exe?

On Sun, 26 Jun 2005, Nikhil Nair wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm blind (I use the JAWS screen reader on Windows XP) and want to install
> Cygwin; I'm hoping to have better luck getting an accessible Windows Emacs
> working that way, than I did with NT Emacs.  Since I'm guessing emacs
> isn't part of the default package list, I wanted to install a bit more
> than that, but probably a good bit less than the full distribution.
> I know you're already aware of the issues re keyboared accessibility of
> setup.exe: Steve Holmes wrote about it on 27th February, offering
> programming assistance to get it working; Brian Dessent mentioned on 5th
> May that he was hoping to get an accessible package chooser working, which
> would also be easier to use.
> Are there any workarounds for the time being?  As Steve mentioned, screen
> readers can manipulate the mouse pointer to some extent, and simulate
> mouse clicks; but he also said he couldnt' get the list to scroll, which
> is presumably a show-stopper.

I'm sorry to say that the chooser is currently not accessible.  I'm sure
some setup developers have half-baked attempts to decouple the logic from
the chooser in their private sandboxes (I do), but nothing worth even
showing to others, apparently.

Assuming you have the ability to edit files, as a temporary workaround you
could add the following line to your /etc/setup/installed.db (in
alphabetical order):

emacs emacs-0-0.tar.bz2 0

and re-run setup.  It should now "upgrade" the version of emacs it thinks
you have (0-0), effectively installing emacs.

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