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Re: Blind people using setup.exe?

Brian Dessent wrote:
Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

 Oh, that reminds me, --no-md5 is broken, I just noticed the other day
- gotta look at that too.

It's not broken, it doesn't exist any more.

Hehe.  While we're at it, would you like to make setup print out a list of
its command-line options, either in a message box or by doing an
AllocConsole()?  I know the latter approach will pop up a console box if
setup is started from a pty or via a shortcut (which will go away once the
output is done), but it's better than nothing, and should work just fine
if setup is started from a console shell.

I think having a spurious console appear and then disappear is not very
friendly.  I have considered having it do a messagebox with the --help
output, which I guess is better than what we have now.

You can use AttachConsole (ATTACH_PARENT_PROCESS) to attach to the parent process console. If the parent process does not have a console the call will fail and you can popup a message box instead. IMHO this is the most user-friendly way of doing things.


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