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ITP: lapack-3.0


Based on the recent discussion regarding an approach to packaging lapack, I
have put together a trial package for evaluation by core maintainers.  As noted
in the previous discussions, lapack is hardly worth the trouble without an
optimized blas, but this is only available via an installation of atlas from

Accordingly, I have merged the upstream lapack-3.0 and atlas-3.6.0 upstream
sources for this lapack-3.0-1 package.  The binary distribution and the normal
build from source create a lapack library and a non-optimized reference
implementation blas library from lapack source.  Instructions are included in
the  CYGWIN-PATCHES subdir of the source distribution which allow building of
locally optimized versions of these libraries using the lapack base plus the
atlas source.  The resulting dlls are then to be installed by hand in the
/usr/local/bin subdirectory.  This insures two things: 1) they will be loaded
at run time instead of the nonoptimized dlls due to /usr/local/bin occuring
before /usr/bin in the path set by /etc/profile; 2) they will not be
overwritten by an upgrade or reinstallation of the binary distribution, which
installs its dlls in /usr/bin.

Please look over the structure of the package, and let me know if this is an
acceptable packaging approach.  It is located at

I have done preliminary testing with octave-2.1.71 installed from source, and
the package seems to work as designed.  Installation of optimized dlls speeds
up many matrix operations by a factor of 10.

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