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[ITP] qt3-3.3.4

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As much as I prefer GNOME, I think it's about time for qt to be in the
distro as well:

To clarify a few things:

1) In order to allow room for qt4, installation layout is as follows (a
combination of ideas from gentoo and debian):
/etc/qt3: empty upon installation; uses for rc files at runtime
/usr/bin: runtime libraries, and -qt3 symlinks to the major apps
/usr/include/qt3: headers
/usr/lib/qt3: QTDIR
/usr/lib/qt3/bin: all apps
/usr/lib/qt3/lib: link libraries
/usr/share/qt3: docs (for use with assistant), designer templates, and

2) The subpackage layout is as follows:
qt3: runtime libraries, imageformat and sqldrivers plugins (theme
engines are built into the library, as they affect API), qtconfig,
readmes, and translations
qt3-bin: linguist and its tools, designer and its plugins and templates
qt3-devel: qmake, moc, uic, headers, link libraries, and the cygwin-g++
qmake spec
qt3-doc: assistant, html and man documentation

3) Runtime libraries are correctly named as libtool would do (patches
based on kde-cygwin, except that this package makes real import
libraries instead of symlinks to the DLL), however plugins are named
libfoo.dll; changing to a 'cyg' prefix would mean further changes to
both qmake and QGPlugin code, which I don't think is worth it just for

4) Some changes may be necessary in the future to allow qt4 in parallel,
but I won't know for sure until I build it, and I'm planning to wait a
little longer until I see that it's stable first.


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