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Re: PING: [ITP] singular-*-3.0.0-1

>>>>> Oliver Wienand writes:

    > Hello,
    > now Singular comes with the following directory structure:

    > Start scripts to
    >     /usr/bin

    > Binaries goes to
    >     /usr/lib/Singular

    > Libraries und el - files to
    >     /usr/share/Singular

    > Doc and Help to
    >     /usr/share/doc/Singular-3.0.0-1

    > Homepage  :
    > License   : GPL

    > Package URLs are below.

    > I hope the packages are ready for upload. If not, please write what must
    > be done to make it apropriate.

Packaging looks good except, I would move




possible bzip2-ing it (it's quite big with 1.7MB) so that info/pinfo can
find it.

Also it seems that cygwin packages do not include the release number in
the package doc directory and the various cygwin specific README's.

So maybe change








Not a showstopper so.

    > Sincerely,

    > Oliver Wienand


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