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Re: [PATCH] Update of "size" column patch for setup (Was Re: Issetup-2.506 ready to release?)

On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Ok, attached is a quick update to that patch -- please let me know if it
> > needs more work.  ChangeLog is at the end of this message.
> Thanks for the patch, I've applied it with a minor change to the logic
> that computes the size.  In your version, if you clicked on "Src" for a
> package that was currently installed, the size column would display only
> the size of the source package and not the size of the combined
> bin+src.  That makes sense from the standpoint of what has to be
> downloaded but it doesn't make sense from the standpoint of how much
> disk space will be occupied (which is how I interpret the meaning of the
> column.)

Actually, I think it makes more sense to treat it as "the amount of
*extra* disk space that will be occupied after the downloads" (since it
doesn't account for the expanded size of the tarball anyway).  I'll see if
I can change the logic accordingly at some point soon.

> In some cases choosing to install the source package would cause the
> size column to decrease which is counterintuitive to the action of
> selecting an additional thing to be downloaded and installed.  The
> modified version displays the sizeof(bin) or sizeof(bin+src) if src is
> also selected, but never just sizeof(src).

As I said above, if the binary is installed, it shouldn't actually figure
in the size calculations, IMO.

> And sorry for the delay in getting to this.

No problem.  On an unrelated note, do we want to resurrect Max's
colorization patch (one that color-codes the packages according to their
installed status, from wa-ay back when [Jan 2003])?
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