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Re: emacs support for octave

On Sep  7 05:53, James R. Phillips wrote:
> Recently a Cygwin octave user requested emacs support for octave, along the
> lines of the Debian octave-emacsen package.  I've been investigating this.  The
> author of octave (John Ewing), pointed out that the most important three files
> in the Debian octave-emacsen package, comprising the lisp support, are
> _already_ in the file manifest of emacs on cygwin.  So there doesn't seem to be
> much need for a Debian-like octave-emacsen package on cygwin.
> Besides the lisp support, the Debian octave-emacsen package also contains a
> shell script called "otags", which installs in /usr/bin, and uses
> /usr/bin/etags (part of the emacs package) to generate octave "tags" for octave
> functions, from their m-file source.  The source for otags, and a man page, are
> supplied in the octave source tree.
> This could be installed with octave, but it wouldn't work without a functioning
> etags program.  Or it could be made into a very small octave-otags package,
> requiring emacs to be installed.

I'm not sure what the exact problem is, but, just for the records,
etags is part of the ctags package, so simpy add a ctags dependency
and you're done(tm).

> octave-otags wouldn't even have to compile, since it only contains shell script
> and man page.  Does it make sense to package something like this separately
> from  octave?  If so, 1) what is the packaging protocol for something that
> doesn't require compilation; 2) How would one express an "or" condition in the
> setup.hint, as in requires emacs or emacs-x11?

I don't think an "or" works.  About having no sources, that's a 
no-brainer, see for instance the base-files package.


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