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Re: Drop textmode from setup?

On Wed, 7 Sep 2005, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> I mean it!

Mean, eh? :-)

> I don't want to drop textmode support from Cygwin(*),

You mean, not just yet?

> but why do we still give the user the choice in the first place?  If the
> user can't choose textmode in the base installation, we will have a lot
> more sane binmode installations in future and people will use textmode
> only if they (think they) know what they are doing.

My first response was "Well, if you're prepared to deal with people saying
<<I created a file in Cygwin, and opened it in Notepad, and now it looks
like one big line>>, go for it"...  Then I realized it's not true for all
programs (e.g., "vi" doesn't do that), but let's review some of the
possible complaints, so that we're prepared to handle them.

> At least, it's about time to publish the latest setup version with
> the improved interface which very explicit recommends UNIX mode.

Yes, definitely.  It's been time for a while.  There were some outstanding
issues -- IIRC, at least one has been fixed.  Brian, what do you say?
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