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Checked in a sort of 'setup.ini/setup.hint' lint script

I've checked in a setup.exe ini file/hint file parser into the
cygwin-apps repository:

This is a relatively simple script which will generate a setup.ini file
from an input setup.ini script + directories which contain a setup.hint
and .tar.bz2 files.  It will perform a few simple consistency checks,
issue warnings and errors to stderr, and (unless otherwise specified)
output a new .ini file to stdout.

  % genini --help
  Usage: genini [--okmissing=key ...] [--output=file] [--help] setup.ini [dir ...]
  Create cygwin setup.ini from setup.ini, setup.hint and tar ball information.

      --okmissing=key    don't warn if key is missing from setup.ini or setup.hint
      --output=file      output setup.ini info to file
      --help             display this message

  Report bugs to cygwin mailing list.

Files on the command line are assumed to be setup.ini files and
directories are assumed to be named after a package and hold appropriate
setup.hint and tar balls.


  genini --output=newsetup.ini setup.ini binutils grep

Where 'binutils' and 'grep' are directories which contain the
appropriate setup.hint and .tar.bz2 files.

I wrote most of this last night from scratch in about 1.5 hours.  There
are undoubtedly bugs but it seems like it is currently useful for
checking setup.hint before making a package available for release.

There is one thing that this doesn't support and that's '@ packagename'
in setup.hint files.  But that's an artifact that no one should be using

I'm not quite sure what I want to do with this script yet, but I'll at
least entertain bug reports in the cygwin mailing list for a while.


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