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Re: libming and ploticus

OK, I won't worry about SWF for now.

> I would be happy if you would like to propose it, but not so happy if
> you leave out the prefabs, docs, samples and testsuite.

prefabs and docs, definitely.  Samples and testsuite, sure, why not.

> I forgot if Bitstream Vera is in any other package yet. package-grep
> doesn't find it. Should be so.

Sorry, I don't find these or any other fonts in the ploticus source.  Where
do they come from?  Does ploticus depend on them?  Just for SWF, or for
other formats too?  Should they go into a font package instead?

> Maybe like this?
> /usr/bin/ploticus.exe
>    test -f /usr/bin/pl || ln -s /usr/bin/ploticus /usr/bin/pl

Or how about this:

  rm -f /usr/bin/pl
  ln -s /usr/bin/ploticus /usr/bin/pl

:)  Just kidding... but how annoying that Prolog has already
claimed /usr/bin/pl... what the heck is Prolog anyway?  Is anyone using it?

Seriously though, under your proposal, if a user installed ploticus and 
later installed SWI-Prolog, would it cause a problem that /usr/bin/pl
already existed?

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